Repetitive Use Injury Therapy


Ivy I. Memphis, TN 2016

After 19 years and 10 months as a massage therapist, I have seen almost everything. I have NEVER seen anything like this protocol. This work will likely change my life, the life of my clients and the success of the many athletes I work with in my community everyday from here on out!

I cannot thank you enough for making this course available for us LMT’s and for making the education affordable for everyone. This work is LIFE  CHANGING and SPECTACULAR.

Ann U., Golden, CO, June 1997

I’ve been ice skating since I was a kid. A few years ago I started having low back pain and pain in my hip. My doctor prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs. He said that I might need to consider hip replacement surgery. I was taking 12 to 20 Advil a day, just to be able to cope. A friend told me about Michael and a special Muscle Release TechniqueSM that he does. I could not believe how much better the pain was after just 2 treatments. It’s been a year now since my first visit to Michael. My muscles don’t spasm anymore and I’m virtually pain free. I’m happy to report that I haven’t taken an Advil in 10 months. Now I can enjoy my skating, like I did when I was a kid! THANKS!

Judy C., Evergreen, CO, August 1996

I’ve suffered from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for 8 years. I refused to have the surgery my doctor suggested. The pain was always there, though it varied in severity. Michael has been my massage therapist for years. One week he told me about a workshop he had attended and assured me that he could stop my pain from CTS. I said, yeah right. No one was going to touch my arms and hands, they already hurt enough. It took him a few weeks to convince me to let him try this work on me. Two weeks later, I was pain free and my CTS has not returned. Thank you, Michael, for teaching me how to do the Muscle Release TechniqueSM for my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!

Larry K., Evergreen, CO, September 1997

In the spring of 1996 I began having tingling sensations in my feet and toes, which increasingly turned to numbness. The balls and toes of my feet hurt when manipulated. They eventually began to throb and it interfered with my ability to walk freely. I told my M.D. about this problem on several occasions. He told me the procedure to alleviate this would have been to snip the nerves between my toes to reduce the pain. My feet became like bricks at the bottom of my legs. After just a few treatments of the Muscle Release TechniqueSM, I felt immense relief. I no longer have the problem at all and my feet are back to normal.

Rosemarie, Colorado Springs, CO, April 1997

Six doctors and two EMG tests later, I finally met Michael Young and learned the Muscle Release TechniqueSM. One session with him and my carpal tunnel pain was on the way to being history. My pain had been totally intolerable. I could barely hang on to things. Tying shoelaces was excruciating, even touching terry cloth felt abrasive. Prescription pain meds and over the counter preparations in large enough doses to put me to sleep were the only relief I got. We had decided that surgery was not the answer either. It was then we heard about the Muscle Release TechniqueSM . My husband also received instruction from Michael. Due to my weakened muscles, he had to do the therapy for me the first couple weeks. After that, I was able to do it for myself. Thank you Mr. Young! The whole world needs to use the Muscle Release TechniqueSM.

Rafael L, Chicago, IL, October 2003

I want to thank you, your teachers assistants and your wife Vicki for sharing your knowledge and time.  I did not get to thank you personally and I am sorry that I didn’t.  You told us that a ‘light bulb’ would go off when we finally understood.  Well, that ‘light bulb’ not only went off, but it lit up like the sun itself.  I got home that Sunday night and my aunt was over.  My mom explained to me that my aunt has been in pain for the past two weeks and the pain was located in her right shoulder.  I took a look at her and found that her rhomboids were rock hard.  I tried a couple of the techniques you showed us in the workshop and in like five minutes the tightness was gone and her pain was no where to be found.  I got home today and my aunt told me that she was not experiencing any pain.  She felt good for the first time in weeks.  Seeing how quickly my aunt’s problem was solved amazed me.  Granted I saw some amazing things happen at the workshop that I will never forget.  But that is just part of my success story.  Today, at work, I had five marathon runners come to see me.  Four of the five came in looking like they needed a walking cane.  Each of them received one hour sessions and after each session the client told me the same thing.  That the pain was gone, they could feel their legs and all of them walked out of my office upright.  I will definitely sign up for another workshop in the near future.  I will also have to purchase the DVD’s, I forgot a couple of good techniques.  Thanks!  I just wanted to share the successes I have experienced in just two days.

Craig W, West Chester, OH, September 2011

Thank you for taking the time for the workshop this past weekend.  I thought that you should know that I am immediately putting the techniques to work: two clients on Sunday evening, right after the seminar and five clients the following Monday.  One particular client stands out because he was in such pain that he had been placed on morphine.  I explained to him that I had just attended your workshop with him in mind and if he would be willing to let me work on him?

He stated yes.  Michael when we were through, we both were almost in tears because ALL OF THE COMPLAINTS THAT HE INITIALLY HAD WERE GONE!

By the way, I used the techniques on everyone today as well, but I am too tired to go into that…well, I will say this, I regret that I did not purchase the stretch DVD’s because the clients today definitely wanted them, which I told them that I would get it for them.

Bottom line Michael (notice that I did not say sir), I just wanted to say thank you.

Tony P., Lakewood, CO, May 1999

I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop this past weekend. I tried some of the techniques, piriformis, QL, hamstrings, neck and shoulders, on one of my clients yesterday. She commented that the QL work was what her back felt it needed for years. She has had chronic back problems for quite some time. At the end of the session she made it known that it was the best massage she had had anywhere, anytime. She left the session with bright eyes, which she brought to my attention.

This was by far the best class I have ever taken. The instructions were precise and thorough. Once again, thank you. I will recommend your workshop to many people.

Janie P., Mansfield, OH, June 1999

I have benefited more from these three days than from any seminar I have ever attended. I have been frustrated with my inability to offer long-term benefit to my clients with CTS and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. I am also so thrilled to learn how to care for my own arms, hands, etc. so that I can massage more clients. Thanks so much!

Jane S, Sidney, OH, September 2011

Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn from you!  This was a great workshop.  (9-9-11)  God puts us in places that we need to be in, when we need to be there…  With that said, He put me with you and your teachers assistants this weekend.  I had a wonderful learning experience and I agree with Randy, that I don’t think that I will ever attend another massage learning class that has more to offer (including comic relief).  As a nurse, I have had many years of experience in many roles including being a Hospice nurse for 12 years.  I sense a very kind and loving man who truly cares about the spirit of every heartbeat (not just the person) that you care for!  Please take care of yourself!  And once again Thank you…and that wonderful person that you are married to for being the strength behind the scenes! (Well, actually on the screens)  🙂

Sandra L., Strasburg, VA, November 2006

I promised you when we left Baltimore in September that you would be hearing from me.  I have had a chance to digest what we learned in class with you and I must tell you that I am blown away by what I am able to accomplish with my clients.  I use the techniques with 99% of my clients and I have had only one dubious response and when she felt the results of the forearm work she was astounded.  I can’t tell you how much this has meant to me and my work.  I have recommended this course to many of my massage friends and basically tell them if they had to choose one class to take, then it has to be this one.  No other class I have taken has given me so much to put into practice.  I have one client who came to me for hip pain.  She has been to doctors and doctors and was still in pain.  She didn’t think it would help but what did she have to lose.  I asked her if I could use the technique on her and she said ‘anything that will help.’  After two sessions, she is pain free and is raving about it all over the area.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  This has been the best thing I have learned since leaving school.

Patty H., Bedford, KY, June 1999

I found this workshop to be just what I needed; personally and professionally. My carpal tunnel symptoms are nearly non-existent and I can easily share these techniques with my clients. I feel like I have most of the pieces of the puzzle; Michael really helped to fit them together. Thanks Michael!

Gary J., Little Rock, AR, March 2006

Most people who come to me are in pain.  So when I invest in advanced training courses I expect the material to actually be useful in breaking the pain barrier.  Therapists often invest hard earned money to discover instructors who are incompetent and techniques that are marginal.

I took your course about a year ago and really put it to the test.  The results are amazing, your techniques are some of the best I have seen.  Your teaching skills are second to none, and your workbook is so good I go back to it often because I come up with new ideas.  Thank you for sharing your advanced skills with therapists who are dealing with those in pain.

Jay B., Lafayette, IN, June 1999

Michael’s workshop is the best I have ever attended. The techniques I learned and the information I received in three days, were far more useful and beneficial for my clients and myself, than in 10 months of massage school.

Sandi B, Lubbock, TX, September 2011

I wanted to let you know that I LOVE the Muscle Release TechniqueSM and have enjoyed using this work for almost a decade.  As a rehabilitative massage therapist fitness instructor, and personal trainer, the massage techniques along with the related stretches have given me a cut above the rest.  From insurance cases, Olympic athletes and high profile athletes, to clients in need of lasting and life changing therapies, this technique is one of my most valued tools.  I am forever grateful to have learned this so early in my business journey.  Blessings and health to you.

Lucille S., New Haven, CT, August 1999

This workshop was by far the most informative, well presented, useful, and enjoyable experience I have had in my twelve years as a massage therapist. Michael is a born educator who openly shares his knowledge, technique, and wisdom with his students. His belief in this technique is so deep and profound that he is hardly able to contain his enthusiasm for the knowledge he imparts.

I remain in awe of Michael’s skill and knowledge but most of all I marvel at his energy level. He moves effortlessly and efficiently while paying total attention to every detail of the class, every question, every remark. All this combined with a wonderful sense of humor, compassion, professionalism, and his desire to educate people to teach others the path to wellness, the path to healing.

Thank you for entering my life. My massage practice, my care for myself and my family will change for the better because of your unselfish teaching of a powerful, intelligent technique which enables people to take control of their lives and their health.