Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Muscle Release Technique℠?

The Muscle Release Technique℠ is a unique injury therapy that combines compression, extension, movement and breath to give the therapist a tool to provide, in many cases, relief from pain in one treatment.  With the Muscle Release Technique℠ scar tissue is broken up, the muscle is lengthened, muscle memory is restored and relief from pain often starts immediately.

I am interested in your workshops but want to find out the exact location of the workshop before I register. Where can I find this information?

You can go to the WORKSHOPS page of our website and click on the city of your choice.  This will take you to another page that will give you the specific location of that workshop.

How can I find out if the Muscle Release Technique℠ Home Study course is approved by my state or licensing agency?

The easiest way is to go to the CREDENTIALS page on our web site.  This lists information about approvals with the NCBTMB, ABMP, AMTA and each state individually.  You can also call your individual licensing agency directly to find out this information.

If I register for a workshop online and that workshop is already full, will my credit card be charged anyway?

No.  If the workshop you register for is full, we will call you and email you and tell you that the workshop you attempted to register for is full already.  We will give you the option to be placed on a waiting list or have us destroy your order completely.  If you are placed on a waiting list, we will call you if there is a cancellation in the workshop and you can decide at that time if you are still available to attend.  If you are, we will ask you if you wish to pay with the credit card information provided on your order form or if you wish to pay with another method.  If you attempted to register for a class and it was filled prior to the deadline for early registration, you will still be able to get the early registration price if you pay in full at the time the cancellation comes available.

How can I find a therapist that has received your training in the Muscle Release Technique℠ in my area?

Go to the REFERRAL page on our web site.  Therapists are listed alphabetically, first by the state they live in and then by the city they work in.  This page is updated on the first business day of each month.  If there is no therapist shown in your area, keep checking each month for updated information.  We are not able to give out names and numbers of therapists who choose not to be listed on this page.

If I place an order for a product through your web site, how soon can I expect shipment?

We do our best to ship out products on the same day as the order is placed, if we have not yet gone to the post office to mail our packages.  If we have already mailed for that day, we will mail out the next day.  Our orders are sent via priority mail with the United States Postal Service and shipping is charged based on those rates to cities in the United States.  If you order something to be shipped outside the United States, we will contact you via email with the price for shipping and get your approval prior to shipment.  Sometimes we travel so in case we are out of town, we will ship out products immediately upon our return.  You will receive an automatic confirmation of your order and once we process your order, you will receive a second confirmation from us letting you know when the order will be shipped.

Is it safe to put my credit card information into an email?

No!  When you place your credit card information into our shopping cart it is placed into a secure site that encrypts the information.  However, a normal email can be opened by anyone who intercepts the information and you place yourself at risk by putting your personal information in this format.  PLEASE DO NOT put your credit card information into a regular email.

If I take your workshop more than one time, can I get additional continuing education credits?

Yes.  We have had students take our workshop multiple times and get continuing education credits each time he or she takes the workshop.   Feel free to check with your state or licensing agency if you have questions regarding their rules.

I took your workshop (or home study course) and I like the work so much that I want to go out and teach the Muscle Release Technique℠ myself. Can I do this?

No, absolutely not.  Michael teaches other therapists how to perform the Muscle Release Technique℠ but does not have the ability to follow each student home, monitor his or her work and test the students’ abilities in the work.

Where can I find your cancellation/return policy on your web site?

Go to the terms and conditions page for a full explanation of our workshop cancellation policy and our return policy for the products we sell.

Does the cost of the workshop include a hotel room, meals and transportation?

No, the price of the workshop includes three days of intensive hands-on training and an illustrated workbook.  Each student will be provided with a certificate of completion as long as he or she completes the entire three day workshop.

Several of my colleagues and I wish to attend one of your workshops, can we get an additional discount off the price of the workshop?

No, unfortunately the cost of gas, transportation, hotel meeting rooms, hotel sleeping rooms, advertising and food continue to increase.  Therefore, the only discount we offer to our students is a $50.00 discount if the student pays the entire workshop fee in full three weeks or more prior to the start date of that workshop.

I want to order your home study course with 15 continuing education credits and I have a friend who wants to share the cost with me. Can we pay an additional fee and both get continuing education hours with the purchase of one home study course?

No, only one person can receive continuing education credits per set of  DVD’s.  It is expensive to get a continuing education course approved and keep renewals up for various state, national and local agencies.

Does Michael schedule appointments when he is traveling and teaching workshops in another city?

Yes, Michael does schedule two appointments while out of town teaching a workshop.  He reserves these appointments for students of the workshop only.  If you wish to reserve an appointment in a workshop you are enrolled in, call ahead and schedule your 30 minute or 1 hour session. Costs will be provided at that time.

Can I advertise that I am certified in the Muscle Release Technique℠ after I take one of Michael’s workshops?

No, Michael does not teach a certification workshop.  You can certainly advertise that you trained under Michael Young and that you took his workshop to learn the Muscle Release Technique℠.  Since the Muscle Release Technique℠ is a trademarked technique, you simply need to put the symbol for the trademark (which is SM since this is a service) each time you use the words Muscle Release Technique℠ in print.

I took your workshop. Can I use Repetitive Use Injury Therapy (RUIT)® and the Muscle Release Technique℠ to advertise on my business cards?

Repetitive Use Injury Therapy (RUIT)® is the name of our business.  You can not use this name in your advertisements.  The name of the technique that Michael teaches is the Muscle Release Technique℠.  You can certainly advertise that you trained under Michael Young and that you took his workshop to learn the Muscle Release Technique℠.  Since the Muscle Release Technique℠ is a trademarked technique, you simply need to put the symbol for the trademark (which is ℠ since this is a service) each time you use the words Muscle Release Technique℠ in print.

I took Michael Young’s Muscle Release Technique℠ workshop and now I want to take the class for a second time. Do you offer a discount to students who take the workshop again?

No, the only discount we offer to our students is a $50.00 discount for those students who pay in full three weeks or more before the workshop start date.  We can not offer other discounts since costs continue to rise in advertising, travel, fuel, lodging, etc.

I am a blind massage therapist and I want to come to your workshop. Can I bring another person with me, at no charge, to attend the workshop and take notes for me?

No, the only people allowed in the workshop are paying students.  If you inform us in advance of your disability, we will do our best to have additional support staff in the workshop you attend to help you learn and give you the extra attention that you require.

I only need 14 continuing education hours to renew my license so I can attend two days of your workshop for a discounted fee and get just the CEU’s that I need?

No, Michael Young’s workshop has been approved by various licensing agencies for 21 continuing education hours.  He is not set up to offer partial CEU’s.  Therefore, if you choose to register for one of his workshops and wish to get any CEU’s you must attend the entire 21 hour course to get your credits.

Can I attend the workshop at no charge and just be the “guinea pig” for Michael to demonstrate on?

No.  No one is allowed inside the workshop unless he or she is a paying student.  There are always plenty of students in each workshop who suffer from various repetitive use problems and it is very important for the students to receive work from a trained therapist as well as learn to perform the work on other students.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by visa, master card and discover credit cards.  We also accept payment by personal or business check, three weeks or more prior to the start date of one of our workshops.  We accept payment in cash in a workshop or office setting.