Rafael L, Chicago, IL, October 2003

I want to thank you, your teachers assistants and your wife Vicki for sharing your knowledge and time.  I did not get to thank you personally and I am sorry that I didn’t.  You told us that a ‘light bulb’ would go off when we finally understood.  Well, that ‘light bulb’ not only went off, but it lit up like the sun itself.  I got home that Sunday night and my aunt was over.  My mom explained to me that my aunt has been in pain for the past two weeks and the pain was located in her right shoulder.  I took a look at her and found that her rhomboids were rock hard.  I tried a couple of the techniques you showed us in the workshop and in like five minutes the tightness was gone and her pain was no where to be found.  I got home today and my aunt told me that she was not experiencing any pain.  She felt good for the first time in weeks.  Seeing how quickly my aunt’s problem was solved amazed me.  Granted I saw some amazing things happen at the workshop that I will never forget.  But that is just part of my success story.  Today, at work, I had five marathon runners come to see me.  Four of the five came in looking like they needed a walking cane.  Each of them received one hour sessions and after each session the client told me the same thing.  That the pain was gone, they could feel their legs and all of them walked out of my office upright.  I will definitely sign up for another workshop in the near future.  I will also have to purchase the DVD’s, I forgot a couple of good techniques.  Thanks!  I just wanted to share the successes I have experienced in just two days.