Repetitive Use Injury Therapy

Thank you for taking the time for the workshop this past weekend.  I thought that you should know that I am immediately putting the techniques to work: two clients on Sunday evening, right after the seminar and five clients the following Monday.  One particular client stands out because he was in such pain that he had been placed on morphine.  I explained to him that I had just attended your workshop with him in mind and if he would be willing to let me work on him?

He stated yes.  Michael when we were through, we both were almost in tears because ALL OF THE COMPLAINTS THAT HE INITIALLY HAD WERE GONE!

By the way, I used the techniques on everyone today as well, but I am too tired to go into that…well, I will say this, I regret that I did not purchase the stretch DVD’s because the clients today definitely wanted them, which I told them that I would get it for them.

Bottom line Michael (notice that I did not say sir), I just wanted to say thank you.