Lucille S., New Haven, CT, August 1999

This workshop was by far the most informative, well presented, useful, and enjoyable experience I have had in my twelve years as a massage therapist. Michael is a born educator who openly shares his knowledge, technique, and wisdom with his students. His belief in this technique is so deep and profound that he is hardly able to contain his enthusiasm for the knowledge he imparts.

I remain in awe of Michael’s skill and knowledge but most of all I marvel at his energy level. He moves effortlessly and efficiently while paying total attention to every detail of the class, every question, every remark. All this combined with a wonderful sense of humor, compassion, professionalism, and his desire to educate people to teach others the path to wellness, the path to healing.

Thank you for entering my life. My massage practice, my care for myself and my family will change for the better because of your unselfish teaching of a powerful, intelligent technique which enables people to take control of their lives and their health.