Repetitive Use Injury Therapy

Six doctors and two EMG tests later, I finally met Michael Young and learned the Muscle Release TechniqueSM. One session with him and my carpal tunnel pain was on the way to being history. My pain had been totally intolerable. I could barely hang on to things. Tying shoelaces was excruciating, even touching terry cloth felt abrasive. Prescription pain meds and over the counter preparations in large enough doses to put me to sleep were the only relief I got. We had decided that surgery was not the answer either. It was then we heard about the Muscle Release TechniqueSM . My husband also received instruction from Michael. Due to my weakened muscles, he had to do the therapy for me the first couple weeks. After that, I was able to do it for myself. Thank you Mr. Young! The whole world needs to use the Muscle Release TechniqueSM.